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Amana AMVC95

Standard Features

• Heavy-duty MillionAir® stainless-steel, dual-diameter
tubular heat exchanger
• Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
• ComfortNet™ Communications System compatible
• Two-stage gas valve operates with ComfortNet-communicating
two-stage or single-stage thermostats
• Durable SureStart® Silicon Nitride igniter
• Color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for
electronic air cleaner and 115-volt or 24-volt humidifiers
• Efficient and quiet variable-speed ECM airflow system gently
ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand
• Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory fault
code history output to a dual 7-segment display
• Multiple continuous fan speed options offer quiet air circulation
• Auto-Comfort and enhanced dehumidification modes available
• Variable-speed induced draft blower
• All models comply with California NOx emissions standards
• Meets EnergyStar version 4.0 requirements

Cabinet Features

• Fully insulated, heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable bakedenamel
• Cabinet air leakage (QLeak) ≤ 2%
• Designed for upflow or horizontal installation
• Airtight solid bottom for side return applications & easy-cut
tabs for effortless removal in bottom air inlet applications
• Convenient left or right connection for gas/electric service
• Coil and furnace fit flush for most installations

Furnace & A/C Installations

We will install furnaces and air conditioning systems in new construction, or to replace existing systems that are no longer functioning 100%. Our team of professionals can handle any installation which will be personally inspected by the owner.

Furnaces - Air Conditioners

HVAC Systems

Will conduct repairs to and safety inspections of your HVAC system to ensure that your system is running safely, and at 100% efficiency.

HVAC Systems


We specialize in ductwork design, fabrication, installation & cleaning. With a professional tin-smith on staff you can be assured that it is designed right the first time.

Interior Ductwork

Indoor Air Quality

Temperature and humidity are the foundation of indoor air quality. We will ensure that your homes air is as clean as it is outdoors.

Scheduled Maintenance

We offer regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. Our maintenance plans ensure that you're new purchase is protected and running efficiently for the entire life of the purchase.

Integrated Control Systems

Integrated control systems help ensure maximum comfort and efficiency throughout a buildings environment. We carry several solutions for both residential and commercial installations.

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